Number 256, selected for RA Summer Exhibition 2018

Several paintings are currently on loan to local businesses and public buildings

Two paintings are in the Paintings in Hospitals collection

A miniature version of The Chase submitted for the SAA World Record Art Challenge 
and is one of 32,283 paintings held in the permanent exhibition

Ashford Art Club, Fordbridge Centre, Ashford, Middlesex – 24th & 25th November 2016 – Group exhibition

Ashford Art Club, St James School, Ashford, Middlesex – 28th & 29th November 2015 – Group exhibition

Bourne Hall, Ewell, Surrey, 13th – 17th October 2015 – Group exhibition 

Bourne Hall, Ewell, Surrey, 17th – 22nd June 2013 – Group exhibition 

Bourne Hall, Ewell, Surrey, 1st – 12th September 2009  – Pentup Art – Group exhibition 

Ashford Art Club (Middlesex) 2003 - 2010. Several paintings exhibited. Rejoined in 2015